Shoe Repair Services

Repairing shoes & boots is perhaps one of the most original forms of recycling.


'Back in the day', all shoes were made from leather. They were designed & constructed in such a way as to ensure that being repaired many times was a normal part of their life.


The majority of today's shoes are constructed very differently, but it is our mission to keep your favourite shoes going for as long as possible, and to prevent as many shoes as possible from going straight to landfill.


We have been repairing all types of shoes, boots & other footwear since we first started our shop in Cromer in 1996 (and had already been learning the trade for 2+ years before then).


If you are in Cromer, or the wider North Norfolk area, please pop in to see us or get in touch to see how we can keep your favourite shoes, boots or other footwear going a little bit longer.