Other Services

Services we offer that don't particularly lend themselves to directly selling online, but we want you to know about.

Shoe & Boot Repairs and Associated Services (bag repairs, stitching) - We have more than 25 years experience of repairing shoes. All repairs are carried out in our shop using a wide variety of quality soles and heels, including traditional leather.

Key CuttingWith more than 10,000 key blanks in stock, we are able to cut most household keys straight away.  We also stock a selection of door locks and padlocks.

Watch Straps & Batteries - We stock & fit quality leather straps and batteries, usually while you wait.

Leather Goods - We stock a selection of real leather belts, wallets & purses.

Shoe Repair Sundries - Full range of shoe polishes, cleaners & waterproofing sprays, heel grips, insoles, laces, shoe horns and much much more!



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